Unprecedented moments like this teaches people like myself not only to adapt to new things but also reminds us that services such as Personal Training can be accessible worldwide - whether in person or online. 


I have to be honest, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of online services until Covid-19 happened. One of my clients said to me back in March 2020, right before the government announced the lockdown measures "dude, I'm happy carrying on doing this virtually if you up for it." she said.  I was like "really!?"  So this is how my online training really started so I certainly cannot take credit for it. I virtually trained some of my clients over the lockdown period and I'm now loving it so much that I am ready to help more people. I'm also getting awesome at it; I am able to motivate clients just as well over video call as I do face to face, and we are achieving the same levels of results. Online training can also be more convenient - it has allowed my clients to continue training whether they are at home or abroad: Whether you have access to equipment or not, whether you are in the UK, or anywhere, Australia to Zanzibar, I have your training needs covered!



I provide different workouts that are both enjoyable and effective.  According to people I've trained, my service is making tremendous changes in their physical and mental wellbeing, it's also a wake-up call to take control of their health more seriously than ever. Having trained different types of people with different fitness goals over the years has given me the opportunity to know and help some of the most inspiring individuals in the world. I'm inspired by their commitment and dedication given they are leading very busy lives.  What makes me unique is that I put myself in my clients' shoes to know how best to help as one size doesn't fit all and results to me is a must.  


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