Meet Max

My love and passion for fitness comes from sports specific like Judo, swimming and running as well weight lifting/bodybuilding frequently.  In more recent years I have also been doing other Martial Arts (MMA), grappling and kick-boxing to help keep myself challenged. Many people have always been inspired by my knowledge and dedication for fitness which led me into pursuing a career in the fitness industry where I can make a living while helping others to be the best version of themselves.  I had to be physically fit and strong for my previous jobs; Water-sports and beach Monitor in the Caribbean.  

I have been participating in bodybuilding competitions to have a solid goal to aim for as a body builder, so far it has been a success having won my very first championship. Slowed down a little due to work volume and the pandemic of course; I soon step on stage again as the light looks more promising at the end of the tunnel.

REP qualified and highly recognisable Personal Trainer in central London. Over the years working in the heart of this vibrant and diverse city has given me the other tools needed to be the successful coach I am today.  After being legally qualified as a coach, I went to sharpen my knowledge with some of the best in the industry, the types who have won Cross-fit gold medals and professional weight lifters to make me the safe bulletproof coach I certainly am. 

I transform so many lives both physically and mentally for the very best.  I provide one to one elite sessions both in person at the gym and virtually.  I also have an online platform that allow people to learn from the very beginning to get you to train comfortably on your own, with my guidance every step of the way. 

One thing I have noticed is that qualifications alone cannot make one standout as a great trainer in the health and fitness industry; being passionate and highly experienced are as important. Personally, I think preaching about something should be one's passion in order to inspire others.  



 REPs (Register Exercise Professionals).

Level 3 Elite Personal Training and

 Exercise Nutrition

Sports specific background/Martial Arts